Born and raised on the mystical island of St. Croix, U.S.V.I., Dan Tafari aka Ras Chunks is a multitalented vocalist and producer whose mission in music is to help uplift humanity towards spiritual enlightenment with word, sound, and power. The foundation of his music is roots reggae, however, influences from other genres such as hip hop, dancehall, trap, and electric can often be heard in his compositions. Some of his inspirations include Midnite Band, Damian Marley, Sun Ra, and Muata Ashby.
Dan is a self taught musician who seeks to push the barriers of what has been heard before. He frequently blends virtual and live instruments to create a sound that is brand new, yet familiar. While he is a talented producer, it is his lyrics for which he is best known. When one hears his words, it is evident that Dan is an old soul whose wisdom extends way beyond his years.

To date, Dan Tafari has released two LP albums--"King Spirit" and "Rastaneogenesis"--and has a third on the way titled "Oceans of One" which is a collaboration project with Mountain Vibez productions based out of Asheville, NC.


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Oceans of One the mixtape now available. Download on albums page.